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Jessica Altieri is an experiential event producer, digital brand influencer that helps wine brands, fine water brands, wine PR firms, and wine lifestyle brands position their products in front of targeted audiences to promote engagement, brand awareness, and sales by creating dynamic social media lifestyle campaigns as well as live events and promotions. 


Jessica Altieri 2018 Top 40 Wine Social Media Influencer

Jessica Altieri Top 40 Wine Influencer

It's always great to be acknowledged by your peers as a Top 40 Wine Influencer for 2018. Congraulations to Julien Miquel, former winemaker and founder of Social Vignerons for the time and hard work to pull together a very impressive list of wine social media  influencers from around the world. Any list that inlcudes the likes of Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator and Decanter Magazine is good by me!

Here are some of my recent top social media influencer enagements from around the world of wine and more!

  1. Sips and Sandwiches with Potbelly CEO Alan Johnson - When you meet Alan Johnson, the new President and CEO of Potbelly, you know right away that there’s going to be lots of laughter, conversation and stories to require at least one bottle of great wine and a few sandwiches. Join me for a conversation that takes us on a ride from South Africa, working for Michael Eisner, being the CEO of BevMo! and why Alan loves going to the grocery store for hours and not always hitting the Amazon Prime button.

2. How To Make Great Coffee with Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri A cup of joe calls for just two ingredients: coffee and water. That’s one of the lovely things about it. It’s just so easy to make this strengthening, heartening brew. But is it actually as easy as you thought? Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri will make sure you get it right and sip smarter.

3. Svalbarði and Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri

Earlier this year, Jessica Altieri became a certified water sommelier. In fact, the only certified water sommelier in the state of Illinois. So, we wanted to start sharing with you the stories behind some incredible water brands that you should be pairing up with your wine, food and beyond.Today we tell the story of  Svalbarði , an award winning, ultra-low mineral still Arctic iceberg water. Svalbarði is the world’s northernmost bottled water and is recognized by the Fine Water Society as the world’s best tasting super low mineral water.

And for more great water and wine pairings, stay in touch with your water sommelier and wine sommelier, Jessica Altieri on Instagram @winechanneltv . Jessica Altieri, “America’s Social Wine Ambassador”, is changing the way consumers experience wine with her mantra that, ‘Wine is just a conversation waiting to happen.’




Jessica Altieri