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Jessica Altieri is an experiential event producer, digital brand influencer that helps wine brands, fine water brands, wine PR firms, and wine lifestyle brands position their products in front of targeted audiences to promote engagement, brand awareness, and sales by creating dynamic social media lifestyle campaigns as well as live events and promotions. 


How To Drink Water Like A Water Sommelier

Talk Terroir.


Terroir: Water as Well as Wine?

Terroir and wine go hand in hand. The way in which the geographic region affects the flavor and properties of wine, is also very, very similar to water.

As you might imagine, we could apply terroir to any number of foods and drinks. However, products that don’t spend a lot of time in contact with the land – marrying and melding with its minerals and rainfall, landscape and soil – really can’t be said to have terroir in the same way.

Water’s Terroir: Really a Thing?

While we think of water as a one-and-done ingredient, the same the world over with the exception of some funny smells in some areas, that’s not true at all. Water isn’t as simple as good or bad, dirty or clean. You can’t simply nod in approval or dismiss in disgust.

Water, as much as wine or any other ingredient, has a strong element of terroir. Let’s just consider the elements.

Elements of Terroir

The main components of terroir are all represented in the waters of the world, especially those that are bottled for consumption. Climate: check. Everything is subject to weather. Soil and terrain: check. All water flows through them to end up underground, mingling with minerals. Tradition: check. Many of the great water companies will tell you exactly how they harvest their water right on their websites. Terroir: check.

Water has it in spades.

Want to learn more about terroir and what it means for your water choices? We invite you to get in touch with Jessica Altieri, America’s Water Sommelier today. Whether you’re looking for a crash course or a buying guide, get in touch by visiting Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri at

More about Water Sommelier Jessica Altieri below:

A Water Sommelier is someone educated on the properties of water and the elements that affect it. Training includes identification of the terroir, which is the manner in which the geographic region affects the flavor and properties of the water before settling in the location from which it is sourced for drinking. Different terroirs produce varying levels of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. These minerals, which are present at different levels based on geography and other factors, have a marked impact on the taste and mouthfeel of water.

Different kinds of water pair better with different types of food, just like wine. Additionally, the quality and type of water used in coffee and tea have a significant impact on the taste of the beverage and can also alter the taste profile of a glass of wine or an entire meal.

Jessica’s certification as a Water Sommeliermakes her part of a highly exclusive group of tasting professionals. Until 2015, there was only one Water Sommelier in the entire United States, and even today only a handful exist worldwide.


Jessica Altieri