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Jessica Altieri is an experiential event producer, digital brand influencer that helps wine brands, fine water brands, wine PR firms, and wine lifestyle brands position their products in front of targeted audiences to promote engagement, brand awareness, and sales by creating dynamic social media lifestyle campaigns as well as live events and promotions. 


Wonderful Wine and Dessert Innovations


Dessert wine or wine dessert? Wine-infused sweets have revolutionized the ways in which wine can satisfy that sweet tooth. Step aside, Sherry and Port. Instead, consider red wine hot chocolate, wine-infused ice cream, wine slushes, sangrias and even wine lollipops for more innovative wine-o concoctions. Join Water Sommelier and Wine Sommelier Jessica Altieri for a dessert and wine wonderland

Red wine hot chocolate

Red wine hot chocolate is the perfect cozy adult beverage. And it’s simple: Whip up your go-to hot chocolate blend and add some dry red wine. Keep the ratio about 2:1, hot chocolate to red wine. If warming the hot chocolate and wine together, make sure to add the wine in slowly at low temperatures to avoid milk curdling. If possible, use a water-based hot chocolate mix. Adding extra chocolate syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla sweetens the deal.

Wine-infused ice cream

New York’s Mercer’s Dairy makes our wildest dreams come true with each bite: 5% alcoholic wine-infused ice cream. The heavens opened and a myriad of delectable selections such as Peach White Zinfandel, Cherry Merlot, Strawberry Sparkling, Chocolate Cabernet, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Port, Riesling, and Spice rain down on vino enthusiasts. Is anyone else thinking wine milkshakes?

Wine slushes

Triple berry wine slush, watermelon wine slush, raspberry wine slush—the wine slush fusions are unlimited. Here’s how to DIY: Select your choice of frozen fruit. Berries work best with reds, and peaches, melons, and kiwis work best with whites. Using a blender, combine the frozen fruit of choice with powdered sugar and your selected wine. Freeze the blended mixture in an ice cube tray. Once frozen, blend cubes with some more wine until slushy-like consistency is achieved. Garnish with fresh fruit and enjoy!

Seasonal Sangrias

Pair sangrias with the season for a lively dessert With spring and summer sangrias, think whites with strawberries and lemonade or a fresh pineapple mojito blend. For holiday sangrias, around winter and fall, consider rich reds with pomegranates, pears and cinnamon or a nice caramel apple fusion. Lavish the sangrias with plenty of fresh fruits for a more satisfying dessert.

Wine lollipops

Lollipops are no longer explicitly a child’s game. Adults can enjoy the childhood treat while simultaneously indulging their grown-up palate with wine lollipops. Wine lollipops are, not surprisingly, growing in popularity. Want to DIY? Check out this recipe. Ingredients: Port wine, corn syrup, sugar, salt, and lollipop sticks. Lollyphile also offers a variety 6 pack of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot wine-flavored lollipops for $12. You’ll be shocked at the other absurd lollipop flavors that Lollyphile has to offer.

Acclaimed sommelier, Jessica Altieri, a leading digital wine lifestyle executive, has added a new title to her already impressive list of credentials- America's Newest Water Sommelier.

About Jessica Altieri Water Sommelier

Jessica's impressive resume is well-known, and for a good reason. She is a Certified Wine Sommelier, California Wine Appellation Specialist, CEO of the Wine Channel TV Network, and one of Wine Enthusiast's prestigious "Top 40 Under 40 Tastemasters" in 2016. Jessica's latest certification as a Water Sommelier further solidifies her position as an innovative authority in the United States and around the world.

Jessica's certification as a Water Sommelier makes her part of a highly exclusive group of tasting professionals. Until 2015, there was only one Water Sommelier in the entire United States, and even today only a handful exist worldwide.

Jessica Altieri